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While doing network discovery using Cisco Discovery Protocol, it is found that rapid error tracking is not currently enabled.
Which option must be enabled to allow for enhanced reporting mechanisms using Cisco Discovery Protocol?
A. Cisco Discovery Protocol version 2
B. Cisco IOS Embedded Event Manager
C. logging buffered
D. Cisco Discovery Protocol source interface
E. Cisco Discovery Protocol logging options
Answer: A

A network administrator configures 10 extended VLANs ranging from VLANs 3051 to 3060 in an enterprise network. Which version of VTP supports these extended VLANs?
A: version 1
B: version 2
C: version 3
D: VTP does not recognize extended VLANs.
Answer: C

Which SDM template is the most appropriate for a Layer 2 switch that provides connectivity to a large number of clients?
B. default
C. access
D. routing
Answer: A

Several new switches have been added to the existing network as VTP clients. All of the new switches have been configured with the same VTP domain, password, and version.
However, VLANs are not passing from the VTP server (existing network) to the VTP clients.
What must be done to fix this?
A. Remove the VTP domain name from all switches with "null" and then replace it with the new domain name.
B. Configure a different native VLAN on all new switches that are configured as VTP clients.
C. Provision one of the new switches to be the VTP server and duplicate information from the existing network.
D. Ensure that all switch interconnects are configured as trunks to allow VTP information to be transferred.
Answer: D

Which statement about Cisco devices learning about each other through Cisco Discovery Protocol is true?
A. Each device sends periodic advertisements to multicast address 01:00:0C:CC:CC:CC.
B. Each device broadcasts periodic advertisements to all of its neighbors.
C. Each device sends periodic advertisements to a central device that builds the network topology.
D. Each device sends periodic advertisements to all IP addresses in its ARP table.
Answer: A

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